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East Side Worship and Prayer Gatherings

Our heart for worship and prayer is to help people connect with God in meaningful ways and to cultivate an atmosphere and an experience that encourages communion between God and His people.
We want to invite you to join us for a night of worship and prayer where we can connect with each other, but more importantly, connect with God Himself. We are creating a time to gather, to worship, to encourage, and to pray! We believe, now more than ever, we need to come together, to unite, and to lift up the name of Jesus through prayer and through praise. We believe that worship and prayer leads to healing and where the cries of our hearts can be heard, by the One we all need the most - Jesus. Come join us the Last Tuesday of the month @7pm.

East Side Week Of Prayer - March 13th - 17th, 2023


From March 13th - 17th, East Side will be doing a guided week of prayer. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part. A downloadable PDF of the prayer guide can be accessed below.

Prayer Guide

Prayer Series: Follow His Heart

We believe the primary purpose of prayer is not to get something from God, but to know Him personally and to Follow His heart for our lives.
This is huge to understand. Our desire through this video and podcast series is for God’s name to be hallowed, for His kingdom to come and His will to be done in our lives. For provision of our daily bread, forgiveness for our debts, for God’s leadership and guidance in our lives. We hope through this series we will realize, that part of the purpose of prayer, is simply being with God. Join us as we unpack prayer’s purpose, patterns of prayer, a look into obstacles we face in prayer, and how to pray through spiritual battles.

We pray this series will enrich your prayer life and be of great encouragement to you! 

Join us for a new episode every Wednesday at noon on our prayer page at www.eastsidechurch.ca. Videos are also available on our Youtube page HERE.
Contact Dave ( ) or Alyssa ( ) with your questions or for more information.


Episode 1: Why Pray?

Episode 2: The Purpose of Prayer

Episode 3: Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Episode 4: Prayer Through Worship

Episode 5: The Obstacle of Doubt

Episode 6: The Obstacle of Sin

Episode 7: The Obstacle of Fear

Episode 8: Spiritual Battles

Episode 9: Spiritual Battles Part 2

Episode 10: Spiritual Battles Part 3

Episode 11: The Obstacle of Pain

Saturate in Prayer Series

It can sometimes be a struggle to know how to pray, especially if we've allowed our prayers to become routine. Fortunately, the Bible outlines many different types of prayers we can use as a pattern. We explored these along with spending time with God in prayer individually and corporately and just enjoyed His presence. Here are the digital copies of our prayer declarations that were used throughout our last series.

Week One // Praying for the Battle

Week Two // Praying for Family Ministries

Week Three // Praying for Leaders

Week Four // Praying for Families

Week Five // Praying for the Church

Week Six // Praying for our Community

Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer need and want to share it with our Pastoral Staff, Prayer Team, or Prayer Chain click here.


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